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Prodigy Lending is a team of highly skilled professionals who can be found in all states in America. Our goal is to always commit ourselves to our clients providing the best quality service. We focus on giving you the solution to your mortgage wants and needs. We additionally offer the lowest 15-year mortgage rates in the market. Depending on your area, our team of mortgage experts works with you one on one on getting you a specifically designed loan for you. They take your financial abilities and your wants into consideration. Our professionals are always on standby to help you get that new home, or consolidate your debt or even refinancing your existing loan. This is all done with our hard to believe low rates convenient for you.

Get the best mortgage loans for you!

Conventional Home Loans

  • Really convenient Down payment– 3% Down on Standard Loans
  • Smaller PMI in comparison to FHA loans
  • Variable duration– 30, 20, 15 or 10-year mortgages
  • With an approved score, you’ll access really low-interest rates
  • Pay Nothing to the Lender!

FHA Home Loans

  • Extremely convenient down payment 3.5 % down
  • Convenient qualifications
  • Affordable Interest Rates
  • Rehabilitation loans available
  • Higher Debt to Income to qualify

VA Home Loans

  • Complete full financing for VA’s
  • No mortgage insurance needed for VA’s
  • Very low closing costs on VA loans
  • Very simple requirements needed to qualify for VA loans
  • Enjoy excellent rates for government loans

USDA Home Loans

  • Total of 360-degree financing!
  • Extremely low rates with nothing to pay for the down payment
  • Enjoy the lowest home loan interest  rates for 100% loan
  • Pay very low on your mortgage insurance
  • The requirement of income and home location needed

Our number one goal is always to create a good, strong relationship with our clients. This way, we get to provide our great services in the coming years. Security and privacy are our key values. We pride ourselves in keeping your matters confidential, unlike other mortgage lending companies. We are a trusted company and we would like you to trust us with your mortgage.

Contact us today if you have any queries about the mortgage you want. We have a professional on standby ready to help make your dreams to become a reality. Do this through our tools of engagement on this site. We can’t wait to work with you!

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We are honored to have been awarded the best working place in the US for 8 years. We’re always committed to giving out the best!

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We offer the very best. Our home loan center gives out very low-cost mortgages for purchase and refinancing. On top of this, we give out the lowest rates in the market.

We are the best private mortgage lending company nationwide. We promise or home loan program will be designed to suit your needs and wants.

We offer mortgage rates based on today’s market conditions!

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