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The Determined Prodigy Lending Professionals For Your Home Loan In DeSoto, TX 

We are a Prodigy Lending company. We are operating all over the united states. We have qualified personnel who offer our clients the best services they can possibly get. Our professionals are very reliable and countable as well as convenient. Any of our clients can get in touch with them by a one on one communication by either making landline calls or even visiting our online website. Our client’s feedback is well valued. We do not choose the clients that we work with. Normally we serve all categories of clients including those with a poor credit score, we help them choose the best loan for them. For the first time who is anxious and does not know how they should go with the loan process, we guide them from the word go to the last very minute.


Conventional Home Loans

As a client, you have a choice and an obligation to choose the loan that best suits you. However, there are certain qualifications that you are supposed to meet. Normally if you choose the conventional loans you are required to make a down payment of 3% on the loan. The best thing about these loans is that there are very flexible terms that range from 10 to 30 at most. If a client has a good credit score the interest rates are normally low. No lender fees are charged.

FHA Home Loans

For a client who chooses these loans, he or she has to make a down payment of about 3.5% on the loan. The qualification of this loan is not usually high and is very attainable. The interest rates are very low too making it easier for the borrower to pay back his mortgage. The client should apply for a larger amount to the amount of money he or she earns in order to qualify.

VA Home Loans

A client who chooses the VA home loan gets a 100 percent financing on the mortgage. No mortgage insurance is usually required. All VA home loans have a very low closing cost. This is one of the friendliest loans that we offer.

USDA Home Loans

Just like the VA home loans the 100 percent financing law also applies to USDA home loans. We do not make our clients make a down payment on this loan. The amount of interest rate for the whole loan is still low as well as mortgage insurance. 

To protect our client’s trust we keep all their information secure with us, unlike other lending companies. We make sure we have all the resources that are required by our client and utilize every single of the resources. We work for the betterment of the client and making their dream come true. We are proud to market ourselves with the success that we have attained so far by earning ranks as the best private lenders. We are looking forward to working with each and every one of you who has read this article.


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