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At the Prodigy Lending, our goal is to close all home loans within the shortest time possible. The lineup has mastered the art and with a combination of technology, we offer a level of customer service second to none. We are made up of high schooled and experienced home loan experts all over the United States. Our team has committed itself to offer first-rate quality service for all your mortgage-related needs. Our mortgage professionals have sharpened their experience over the years and will offer the best guidance on the necessary Colleyville home loan requirements and work with you step by step until you get the mortgage that meets your conditions and quenches your expectations. In case you are purchasing your dream home or your first home, consolidating debt or refinancing a loan that is already in existence we have the best loan programs to meet your needs at the lowest rates possible.

If you have checked out the current mortgage interest rates on home loans in Colleyville at our site and found them attractive then study the requirements below and find out if you qualify.

1. VA Home Loans

The VA home loan is warranted by the Federal Government making it easier to qualify for.  They require no down payment and one can be qualifying with a low income. Consider the VA Home Loans due to their affordable and enticing interest rates and since it is designed in such a way that owners can keep their homes during difficult periods. The VA loan will hence assure your home’s stability.

2. Conventional Home Loans

The best features attached to the conventional home loan include a low down payment of up to 3%, no lender fees, and a smaller PMI compared to FHA loans. The conventional home mortgage offers lower mortgage insurance, which is not guaranteed by the government. Prodigy Lending advises you on the conventional home loan program option since it requires a smaller down payment or no down payment at all. You will probably have to have a higher credit score to qualify for this loan.

3. FHA Home Loans

With a higher debt to income ratio and a down payment of as low as 3.5%, you can easily qualify for the FHA home loans. The FHA loan is guaranteed by the Federal Housing Administration, which means, where the lender is guaranteed that they will not have to take a loss in case of default. The FHA home loans have affordable interest that is enticing to our clients. The FHA home loans offer rehab loans which allow a client to purchase or refinance and also renovate their homes through a single mortgage. 

4. USDA Home Loans

Just like the VA loans, 100% refinancing is allowed for on the USDA home loans. If your home location and your income qualify, then the USDA is a perfect home loan for financial assistance. The best pros of the USDA home loan include a zero down payment, low cost for mortgage insurance and low-interest rates as long as the loan is for 100% financing.

The key goal at Prodigy Lending is forming a lasting relationship with all our customers so that we are able to continually offer our services year after year. We store our clients’ information in the most secure manner since believing in mutual trust. You can speak to any of our mortgage experts by calling us directly or making use of the interactive instruments provided at our site for more information on today’s mortgage interest rates in Colleyville.

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