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The Prodigy Lending team is made up of professionals only. They come from different parts of the united states. So anything to do with professionalism should not be a concern to you. Our main goal is to offer our clients the best services they can possibly get. We take into consideration the lowest rate possible together with the numerous loan programs that have been established so as to get the best loan that is specifically meant and designed to suit your needs. Our team of professionals will work for hand in hand with you to ensure that it is achieved with a lot of ease. Al your expectations will be met. It does not matter the purpose of the loan; it will be secured very easily with the lowest possible rates that you can get.


Conventional Home Loans

This type of loan is very easy to secure as it requires a very low down payment. Only a 3% down payment is necessary when you are trying to secure this loan. Although it requires premium mortgage insurance, it is very reduced as compared to the FHA loan. The loan repayment period is also very flexible. It can go as long as ten years to be done with the repayments. Another added advantage is that it requires a very low credit score. The score comes along with low-interest rates. The loan also does not require any lender fee.

VA Home Loans

This type of loan is offered by the government. Bearing this in mind, it offers the best rate. It’s also very easy for you to secure this loan since the qualifications are easy to meet. Although this loan is associated with closing costs, they are very low. No mortgage insurance premiums are necessary when you are applying for this loan. A complete financing option is also available in case you decide to use it.

FHA Home Loans

The down payment necessary is 3.5%. The debt to income ratio necessary is also high. It comes with rehab loans. The interest rates are also very appealing.

USDA Home Loans

This loan also comes with a complete financing option. It requires a low down payment and also offers low-interest rates. If you go for a complete financing option, the interest rates are also very low. Your income and the residential area must qualify for one to be eligible for the loan.

We are mainly focused on offering the best service that one can get so as our clients can continue coming to us for all their mortgage needs. Your information is safe with us as privacy is our main priority. You can call us anytime to speak to any of our professionals. We have been offering the best service that one can get in terms of mortgaging so take a bold step and contact us immediately. Our rates are offered depending on the market conditions which are ever-changing. So why don’t you just be safe and take a no-obligation quote?


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