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We take pride in what we do as our team is mainly made up of professionals. We at Prodigy Lending are mainly focused on offering the best services in terms of home loan our clients can get. Combining low rates and numerous home loan programs available, our team of professionals will ensure that you get the loan that you deserve. We have a face to face session also available. Considering the purpose of the loan, our experienced professionals will help you get the best loan at the lowest terms available. 


Conventional Home Loans

This type of loan offers a very low down payment for you to be eligible. It’s as little as 3%. Although it requires premium mortgage insurance, it’s very low, unlike the FHA home loan. Conventional loans also offer very flexible repayment terms which can go as long as ten years. Apart from the low credit score that is needed, the offered interest rates are also very low. This loan is not associated with any lender charges. 

FHA Home Loans

The federal housing administration loan requires a low down payment. It can be as low as 3.5%. Chances of securing this loan are very high as it’s easy to qualify. The interest rates also offered are very low. For you to be able to qualify, you should ensure that your debt to income ratio is high. 

VA Home Loans

It’s not a must for you to make any down payment as this type of loan offers complete financing. This type of loan does not require any mortgage insurance costs. Closing costs are low and its also very easy to qualify for the loan. As it’s a government program, the rates offered can be considered as the best. 

 USDA Home Loans

Like the VA home loan, a 100% financing option is also available. When you decide to go for the 100% financing option, the interest rates are low. Although a mortgage insurance premium is necessary, it’s very low. The location of the home and income requirements must be considered before qualifying for the loan. It’s also associated with low rates. 

We are mainly focused on creating a good relationship with our clients by offering the best services they can get. Compared to other lenders, privacy is very important to us. Your information is safe with us. For you to be able to talk to one of our professionals, simply give us a call. 

We have been offering the best services for more than 17 years. Contact us today to initiate your loan process. We were awarded as the best place to work for the past eight years. Our rates are simply the best. We consider the market conditions first before offering the loan. Since the market conditions are ever-changing, we suggest that you get a quote.  


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