MBS Week Ahead: The Italy Paradox

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MBS Week Ahead: The Italy Paradox Let’s use US politics and Congress to help us understand Italian politics. Imagine that Libertarians and Independents actually won enough seats to compete with our 2 main parties.

Convexity Hedging Increases Risk in US Markets. To mitigate the risk, investors may seek to sell longer-dated Treasuries and mortgage bonds, or alternatively to make interest rate swaps or options on their bonds, putting further upwards pressure on yields and increasing spreads. In other words, convexity hedging will increase; the only question is by how much.

MBS day Ahead: Bonds Continue Fighting For Consolidation. In the day just past, bonds built on the Tuesday’s strength following a correction to the weakest levels in more than a week. 10yr.

Nassim Taleb’s ‘Turkey on Thanksgiving Paradox’ is invaluable. The question I’m asking now is: what ‘turkeys’ are holding and exposed to Italian bonds/debt and what can we do about it to profit. With.

Weekly Commentary: Unfolding Instability Thesis – The euro dropped 1.0% this week to the lowest level since last November, adding fuel to the destabilizing dollar rally. May 23 – New York Times (Jason Horowitz): "The populist parties that won Italy’s.

Daily briefing: Italy calmer, trade war reboot, Roseanne row. – Daily briefing: Italy calmer, trade war reboot, Roseanne row. Italy’s stock market stabilised on Wednesday and a sovereign debt sale saw solid demand, as Italy’s anti-establishment Five Star Movement and the far-right League plunged back into talks to form a coalition government, in an attempt to avoid a new election.

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Discussing the outcome of Friday’s “sequestration” of U.S. government spending is best left to the month ahead, when we see how the public reacts to government cutbacks. But in Italy, Britain and the.

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The point of the article, though is not about classism in food but the Made in Italy paradox. The fact that something is marketed in a way to promote this idea of Made in Italy and it is a hoax sometimes. It makes me very sad and makes me question if I am also a victim. I mean, I make a point to buy things with the bio and made in Italy labels.

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